BPM Quotes of the Week - January 12, 2016

“Amara’s Law: We Overestimate the Effect of a Technology in the Short Run and Underestimate the Effect in the Long Run.”
-Nathaniel Palmer

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“Before considering IoT devices to collect data, organizations can clarify ownership and governance. Before designing IoT devices, organizations can decide if they should invest so that development becomes a differentiating competency or work with specialty organizations. Before deploying IoT devices, organizations can design in security and update processes. Before installing IoT devices, organizations can design processes to build on the new information. “Before” is the key — it will be hard to get ready once the IoT fire is spreading.”
-Sam Ransbotham

“The next few years represent the unique opportunity for CIOs to reimagine themselves in the world of constant digital disruption. With the right level of agility, collaboration, and talent management, they can maintain their “sexiness” and facilitate—rather than hinder—a digital transformation.”
-Daniel Newman

From the BPM Forum

“I would say AI (aka Cognitive Computing) will play a significant role in helping knowledge work. Especially when assisting the knowledge worker or augmenting resources with lower skill and knowledge levels.”
-Jim Sinur

“BPM itself will evolve as we move up the maturity curve for AI. Right now we use machine learning to make our ‘workflows’ (I say that with caution to this audience J) smarter. We essentially embed basic AI in our processes. As we get more mature in the use of AI we will be “acting” on AI through processes, which means processes will be embedded in AI technology.”
-Pieter van Schalkwyk

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ should be replaced by the term ‘Amplified Intelligence’. This is a quote from ‘Cognitive Computing’ by Peter Fingar, The quote itself is from Patrick Soon-Shiong of Nanthhealth; ‘I don’t call it artificial intelligence. I call it amplified intelligence. We’re coining this term AI3, meaning amplified, actionable and adaptive intelligence. We’re going to enhance the cognitive capabilities of a human being who can’t recall information at the speed and depth that we need to make the right decision.’”
-KM Mukku

“I have seen too many initiatives where BPM (Strategy) is part of some sort of IT or compliancy related project or initiative. In other words: the wrong drivers as you're mostly too late by then. And that's why a strategy is named... well, a strategy :-)”
-Walter Bril

“Firstly, automation is overemphasized. Secondly, BPM is often driven by I.T. (once again because automation is a core goal). I.T. tends to have a poor understanding of business goals and processes. Heck, business users themselves are often not entirely clear on what the 'process' is.”
-Ranjit Notani

“Sure, culture eats BPM strategy for breakfast. But that's only if management isn't doing its job. It's management's job to lead, to make use of every resource to do the job better. Management should eat culture for breakfast.”
-John Morris