BPM Quotes of the Week - January 12, 2015

“If we aren't hiring people to do complicated things and use their brains every day at work, then we should automate our processes and be done with it.”
Liz Ryan

“Smart brands (in 2015) will continue to create campaigns through this connected-consumer lens, and the confluence of product, marketing, technology, and other driving functions will be more important than ever -- as it’s this blurring of the lines that will enable these richer consumer experiences.”

“Nearly every great organization wants to be known for customer care, but companies are fundamentally organized in a way that defeats great customer care.”
Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

“We will find that even large organizations that have invested (absurdly) heavily in top-down, heavyweight BPM solutions will discover that, at the divisional and departmental levels, lightweight BPM solutions will be impossible to dislodge.”
E. Scott Menter

“Poor processes are highly resilient to change and to good people. The good people will spends lots of time and effort finding the most efficient workaround, but it's still inefficient.”
Nicholas Kitson

“Except in rare cases, no single person can change the culture of an organization; regardless of how good and enlightened the majority of the people in the organization are, it would take a concerted effort of many people, especially upper management, to change the way work gets done.”
Keith Swenson

“A bad process can bring out the best in people. But only if you allow them to change it.”
Peter Johnston

“Many organisations have or are becoming very aware of the importance of making the entire end-to-end (manual and system) processes available to customers.”
Nigel Kilpatrick

“Growth is a byproduct of you focusing on providing a genuinely better product, service, interaction, experience, communication to your customers. In all these areas BPM can obviously help.”
Bogdan Nofornita