BPM Quotes of the Week - January 10, 2019

Michael Baxtor"Throughout 2019, we’ll see further evolution, with a shift from rule based decision-making automation to a more advanced intelligent automation."
-Michael Baxter


"Machine-learning models are fundamental to AI and the intelligent enterprise. They can make business processes smarter and customer experiences more personalized."

From the BPM Forum

"I'd venture to say in 2019 the skills that will be hot would those who are able to bring those technologies closer to the end customers, most prominently: enterprise software development and business analysis."
-Bogdan Nadornita

"Given the fact that I believe BPM should always start on the business side, one of the most required skills for 2019 to my opinion is to be able to translate the capabilities of any BPM platform into actionable programs and ways of working that bring actual business value."
-Caspar Jans

"High level of capability 'think out of the box' will be required this year, because BPM will escape its natural box (i.e. enterprise) and will spread between boxes (i.e. enterprises)."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"I think knowing to 'operate' trending automation platforms, tools and solutions will be on the forefront of what's important for users this year. That specifically extends to the new branches of robotic process automation. Many corporations have committed important investments (as did VC backed vendors) in increasingly intuitive, low code platforms whose potential can only be unlocked by properly trained and experienced end users."
-Kay Winkler

How Big of a Role Do You See Intelligent Automation Playing in the Year Ahead?

"Huge businesses will apply these techniques in ways that small businesses wouldn't find useful."
-John Reynolds

"Diagrams constrain and hinder the process dynamics as it is incredibly complex to express typical business rules in a logic tree. If BPM does not enforce compliance, why bother? Intelligence can be applied once the whole paradigm of BPM is changed. And if that does not happen inside it will happen outside BPM."
-Max Pucher

"There are loads of intelligent automation processes imbedded in organizations that can processes without humans and cover many user scenarios thus prewired 'decisioning' drives the outcomes. But that means the processes have been wired for specific scenarios and decisions vs a process that 'learns' and changes on the fly. But we are near for true 'learning' intelligent automation."
-Stuart Chandler

"Intelligent automation will have many aspects to help business but will need to have transparency in exactly what and how is being automated and of course seamlessly integrated into the end-to-end business process."
-David Chassels