BPM Quotes of the Week - January 10, 2018

Megan Potrzeba"Businesses that want to embrace digital transformation need process excellence to spur value creation. BPM tools can make process improvement easy, laying the groundwork for long-term efficiency and sustainable innovation."
-Megan Potrzeba

"The IT-BPM sector is expected to be impacted the most by digital and automation trends with 70 -75 per cent of the jobs in 2022 requiring new skill sets, a report said on Friday."
-The Times of India

From the BPM Forum

"The decisions that really define each business will still be made by people. Algorithms are better at executing decisions, but the 'secret sauce' that differentiates a special business from the run of the mill is still the domain of humans."
-John Reynolds

"Only the dumb, ignorant and inept try to automate people out of the the business interaction with the customer. No computer or algorithm -- machine learned or otherwise --- is better than a human in making decisions and they never will be."
-Max Pucher

"I have seen both extremes, and both fail: trying to automate the entire value chain, which still, sooner or later, always fails to address the real desires of the human customer vs. everything manual and personalized in the pursuit of the special something for the customer which then also fails due the lack of a sound, rigid and well organized foundation of repeatable and automatable tasks."
-Kay Winkler

"People will go up-stream – higher quality services, more creative work, unique activities. However, some human-facing jobs (e.g. assisting services) will be human for some time. And, only people who want to work will work."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"Business is all about people. Anytime you hear otherwise, its a yellow flag."
-Scott Francis

"Adopting BPM linked to delivering digitisation of processes should be a priority for all organisations, businesses and governments, to allow assurance that a operational activity is now accountable with full compliance."
-David Chassels

"If you are in Europe where new GDPR legislation will go into effect in May, you better hope that your BPM Software provides you with an easy and pain free way to identify PII that might exist in your processes. Some suites offer a simple tagging mechanism so that you can identify which fields might contain PII."
-Brian Reale

"Unless you get a top-down, agreed set of documented operational processes - 2018 will end just as 2017 ended. Full of good yet undelivered intentions. Which leads to unhappy, disloyal customers and frustrated, demotivated staff."
-Ian Gotts

"A huge priority for any organization building apps with BPM (or, really, any other mechanism) is to remember that customer engagement offers, if anything, even more rewards than those produced by automation per se."
-E. Scott Menter

You Know a Company Could Really Use Robotic Process Automation When…"When the competition has increased its competitive advantage by incorporating RPA into their operations. (i.e. they researched it, they justified it, they implemented it, they reaped the benefits)"
-K. Walter Keirstead

You Know a Company Could Really Use Robotic Process Automation When…"when important processes rely on tasks, done by people, that revolve around data entry, rekeying, running reports, and so on."
-Neil Ward-Dutton

"True Robotic Process Automation is very niche and, sometimes, even marginal technology, which is not specifically related to BPM and often contradicts fundamental BPM mission of natural and well-structured integration of business and IT. If a company massively implements Robotic Process Automation outside of its intended niches, it might indicate fundamental crisis in management and IT systems of this organization."
-Boris Zinchenko