BPM Quotes of the Week - January 10, 2017

"When people are busy, a number of really problematic things occur. The urgent drives out the important, for example. People are managing their to-do list instead of managing strategic priorities. People are often manage symptoms rather than solve the root causes, because they have no time."
-Steve Stanton

From the BPM Forum

Has BPMN Slowed Down the Adoption of BPM?

"BPMN is something that can be helpful to a BPM initiative when used, employed in the right time and place of a project. It's only when some insist on belaboring 'as-is,' 'to-be,' etc. to the exclusion of other efforts and exercises that both - BPMN and BPM - get a bad name."
-Patrick Lujan

"The hardest things in BPM (or business generally) are communicating clearly and purposefully in order to allow multiple people to collaborate successfully. A precise and well understood common language can only help that surely."
-Tim Stephenson

"Last year none of the use cases (for the BPM awards) describe their process using a BPMN diagram, and the reason is clear. BPMN has become a diagram of a small part of the computing environment, and not the actual process that people encounter and interact with."
-Keith Swenson

"I have found BPMN to be very good at capturing the essence of Structured Business Processes, but once you delve into details it can become cumbersome. This impacts the adoption of BPM, because folks quickly associate 'It's hard to describe with BPMN what's really happening' with 'BPM isn't going to help my company'."
-John Reynolds

"I have seen a fair share of tech people who thought it's time to reinvent/simplify/disrupt BPMN and started doing XML orchestrators and slowly converge those contraptions to Petri nets, then constrain the Petri nets into workflow nets to get to something very close to BPMN :-)"
-Bogdan Nafornita

"BPMN is the worst form of process notation, except for all others."
-John Morris