BPM Quotes of the Week - Jan. 31

"In conversation with a US-based CIO recently, the CIO summarised his opportunities and challenges to me with one short phrase: 'Software is eating the world, but I’m not sure I’m in front of its mouth or behind it.'"
Neil Ward-Dutton

"Your organization only has so much focus. Focus is more scarce than cash at most firms. So spend your time on things that really matter to your organization. When you tackle a BPM project, tackle something of real value to your business and your customers."
Scott Francis

"When working with any size of business, the first barrier I hear is 'we don’t have time to document our processes.' The problem is, as a small business, you can’t afford not to. This risk of a process break-down that leads to poor customer reviews or a contract being lost, weighs far heavier against your business than spending 2 hours a week in a process documentation meeting."
Joi Ries

From the BPM Forum

"Predictive analytics will become a vital part of most of our business processes. There are cars on the road in Nevada and California that are being driven, at least in part, by predictive analytics."
Don Schuerman

"The big impact in BPM will come when it can better assure successful process outcomes. When we can put it in action to help processes (or process participants) find the shortest distance to more accurate decisions from past experience, past decisions and insight from those - Predictive Analytics will play a really big role."
Jaisundar Venkat

"Now that BPM is much more sophisticated, can it go beyond the errand-running stage? Of course. Intelligent, automated decision making (sorry, I refuse to use "decisioning") takes the necessarily arbitrary dimension of human judgment out of the loop where it is not really needed."
E. Scott Menter

"Automation's (and technology's in general) only purpose should be to enhance our own humanness."
Bogdan Nafornita

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