BPM Quotes of the Week - Jan. 24

"Advanced business processes and adoption of cloud-based process applications for industrialised operations will eventually enable a more effective use of crowdsourced resources for a variety of process-related tasks."
Subroto Gupta

"Using historical measures to gauge business and process performance is a thing of the past," Samantha Searle, research analyst at Gartner, said in a statement. "To prevail in challenging market conditions, businesses need predictive metrics—also known as "leading indicators"—rather than just historical metrics (aka "lagging indicators")."
Nathan Eddy

"By using BPM to implement and standardize core elements of the CRM process, a safeguard is put in place that ensures all members of your organization act in accordance with the same policies and procedures. The end result is consistency and continuity for your customers."
Mac McConnell

“Overall, BPM will drive ECM further, integrating workflow processing with content so that users can work faster and eliminate process inefficiencies."
Christine Parizo

From the BPM Forum

 “Whether it's an Exec or the customer service agent completing a new customer application form on a screen, it's their attitude and desire to effect change in the organization that is the single and most fundamental factor in BPM success."
Theo Priestley

“Coherent and clear explanations in the business language are vital for the success of a BPM project. Success is not about saying “Yes” to all requests from the “more important” staff members; it is about building a common understanding and agreement between all stakeholders."
Dr. Alexander Samarin

"What is the biggest challenge facing case management right now? Processing cases."
Emiel Kelly

"Most managers still live in the structured world and singularity is a very far off concept."
Alberto Manuel

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