BPM Quotes of the Week - Jan. 17

Money is flowing back into technology, so picking the right areas of investigation and investment will make a significant difference when matching against expected business outcomes.
Jim Sinur

 IT is a communist state in many organisations, one that believes in rigid adherence to inflexible approaches despite clear indications that they inhibit growth and a central approach to planning that Mao and Stalin would have thought is taking things a little too far. This really doesn't make sense in the capitalistic world of business and the counter-revolution is well under way.

Shall we stop talking about "project management" vs "process management"? Shall we start talking about how to use BPM to streamline project management?
Alexander SAMARIN

Processes need to be visualized to understand them. This is why every traditional process discovery and analysis activity includes drawing process maps. Process mining is inherently visual because it provides factual and graphicalrepresentations of your discovered process.

One of the best arguments in favour of personal groups is that they offer a fantastic “training ground” for employees, particularly in organisations where the culture is very traditional and non-collaborative, or where a significant proportion of staff are not familiar with using social technologies in personal context.
Angela Ashenden

From the BPM Forum

Get the data model right and choose a process automation tool that allows for easy modification of process and you will be well placed to adapt to the needs of the business. Get the data model wrong and every change of process will strain the patience of the users and the abilities of the tool.
Kevin Parker

Too often, organizations set up their work flows to accommodate the strengths and weaknesses of the people doing the work, which may be OK in the early stages of a company but can really be a drag on things after the organization grows.
Steve Weissman

The only long-lasting processes are the ones that are easy to change.
Bogdan Nafornita

A BA (business architecture) can have a normalizing effect on process and data models, leading to a formal common vocabulary across the business.
Lloyd Dugan

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