BPM Quotes of the Week - Jan. 10

If you’re going to create successful applications, you must incorporate cloud and mobile solutions or you’ll find yourself with legacy software.
Mike Ingrisano

Frequently when organizations say they are customer-focused, they really mean they are trying to engineer upsells and cross-sells for their own benefit, without necessarily delivering real value to the customer.
Julie Hunt

From the BPM Forum

Standardized processes will go away when things like "the wheel" go away.
John Tesmer

There are two trends: (1) controlled work is more automated and therefor less visible, so we think about it less, and (2) process technology is getting better at supporting emergent processes and that if the focus of our attention. So it appears like we are doing more and more variable processes, but that does not mean that the "standard processes" are any less important.
Keith Swenson

You really have no excuse not to measure your business capabilities and understanding of BPM and maturity before embarking on a BPMS hunt.
Theo Priestely

Most companies are ill-equipped to measure, analyze, and understand their own capabilities, just as most severely disturbed people are incapable of analyzing and resolving their own mental issues without professional - and external - help.
Kiran Garimella

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