BPM Quotes of the Week - February 29, 2016

"Software is eating the world, and BPM makes sure it doesn't get heartburn."
-Ian Gotts

"The 2015 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte identifies strategy as the key driver in the digital arena. Companies that avoid risk-taking are unlikely to thrive and likely to lose talent, as employees across all age groups want to work for businesses committed to digital progress."
-MIT Sloan Management

"Brian Reale, CEO of BPM and workflow independent software vendor ProcessMaker Inc., based in New York, said he sees mobile dominating most customer conversations today. 'However, enterprises don't quite understand how to deliver their BPM services in a mobile format to their users,' he said. This year, he said he expects to see most organizations testing mobile BPM in pilot projects."
-George Lawton

From the BPM Forum

"A Digital Organization is agile because it has chosen to represent human, physical and virtual resources as software objects, which are flexibly composable and dynamically bound. It represents the last step in transition from monolith architectures and bloated application stacks."
-David Duggal

"At present, only BPM (as a trio of discipline, tools and practice) provides a rich and coherent set of explicit coordination techniques. Thus BPM is indispensable for any digital business."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"Once the world figures out that you can have BPM where a) any customer inreach or outreach can be accommodated at any BPM step (too much of this and no work will get done), b) all data picked up by the performance of work can be shared with any number of subscribers (each using their own native data element naming conventions both for reading and writing), my prediction is 'digital business' will achieve liftoff."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"BPM can do without automation (and digital), but automation (and digital) cannot do without BPM."
-Walter Brill

"Saying 'here comes digitization again' only exposes your blinders. Digitization is way bigger, and it's about removing middlemen in business in much the same way that Amazon disintegrated the retail supply chain and reinvented it from the ground up. It's the kind of break-through innovation that makes a retailer the world's most trusted hosting company."
-John Tesmer

"I always start from the fact that a process is a means; a means to deliver results. So by making clear what usefull results you have to deliver, you know what processes you need (and probably have already)."
-Emiel Kelly

"Generally, it is very difficult for firms we work with to justify mapping out all their processes first as they are primarily buying a solution for a specific process which has extensive risk associated with it."
-Garvin Fouts

"Anyone remember the Enterprise Data Models in the 80s? They hung on a wall... And, that was all you could do with them. Quick Wins or Die."
-George Chast