BPM Quotes of the Week - February 28, 2019

Nathaniel Palmer"There is almost always more value to be realized, and greater chances for success, by leveraging Intelligent Automation to facilitate task assignment, sequencing steps, enforcing rules, and other means of work management – rather than seeking to fully replace the work otherwise performed by human beings."
-Nathaniel Palmer


"AI is automation on steroids. A rich source of ideas for AI projects will lie in automating tasks that humans are doing today, using a technology called supervised learning. You will find that AI is good at automating tasks, rather than jobs."
-Andrew Ng

"To break though silos, KM needs a cross-functional approach. Shift from a functional mindset to an end-to-end process perspective. Ensure you have executive sponsors that promote KM not only from a resource perspective, but also from a change management and culture perspective."
-Diego Alvarado

"CX leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards, drive higher brand preference, and can charge more for their products. Our new research proved conclusively that CX quality can affect stock performance."
-Rick Parrish

From the BPM Forum

Is Change Management Just Another Process?

"Technically, it's a process. But it would be a major mistake to approach it from a technical perspective. This is one of those cases where methodology eats technology for breakfast."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"It is a process but it is a configurable process. It has to be adapted to the situation at hand. More important, it's a tool and, like any tool, its effectiveness depends on the skill of its user."
-Fred Nickols

"When you have a CM project or initiative in place, upon completion it should mark the beginning of continuous improvement and the user community should be taught and readied to take on this continuing improvement practice."
-Bob Larrivee

"Managing change definitely is a process, I would even dare to go as far to state that this is one of THE most important processes any organization has. The reason for this bold statement is that once you have a stable and complete set of documentation on systems, applications and processes, you need to make sure they stay up to date and this is the sole purpose of the MoC process."
-Caspar Jans

"Handling change is not just a process, it is probably the best opportunity for BPM to become a strategic c-suite issue. Today companies are organised for sameness. Change is an occasional disruptive event that we handle as a project."
-Anthony Blackham

"To do digital transformation, do you have to turn the whole company upside down? yes, maybe and no...Digital transformation is a big and complex rubik's cube that requires vision, discipline to execute fast, and reach the necessary outcomes."
-Stuart Chandler

"Digital Transformation is irreversible. Companies should start thinking about building a roadmap immediately as it is not yet too late. Two or three years from now on, it may be too late."
-Cristian Ivanus

"Digital Transformation should be ideally seen from a business priority, relevance, technology feasibility & resource readiness standpoint stand-point - not through the lens of a specific Product where your boundaries for the program already gets shrinked!"
-Pritiman Panda

"The focus on market forces and, above all, on competitive advantages through added values for the final customer should prevail when venturing into the lands of DT. That way the 'right' goals can be formulated, and progress be measured against."
-Kay Winkler

"If you want to change your business, first you need to change your thinking."
-E. Scott Menter

"Despite our current mania for disruption, one disrupts business-as-usual at great peril -- because when you do you are also disrupting all your upstream and downstream trust relationships."
-John Morris

"A solid and pragmatic prioritization approach, identifying high impact low maturity processes to start with is an important basis for an impactful yet feasible digital transformation journey. Solid knowledge about the end-to-end process enabling an aligned business and technology-driven process design is key for execution."
-Mathias Kirchmer