BPM Quotes of the Week - February 28, 2018

Morgan Franks"It’s harder for technology to replace human interaction in many important ways. For example, I don’t think customer service will go total automation anytime soon."
-Morgan Frank


"It’s because of human error that businesses need processes."
-Benjamin Brandall

From the BPM Forum

"Skills that organizations need in order to transition to 'digital' - I would list 'digital architect' as #1."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"In today's world, the digital journey has been about digitizing the enterprise data and compliance to how a business operates, not architecting from the outside in. Yes, many organizations are looking outside in and developing some cool things but a large majority are not really understanding the customer journey/life cycle and creating a true experience in the customer's desire, needs etc...."
-Stuart Chandler

"Research by Burning Glass Technologies who looked at 100 million job postings across over 40,000 sites. 'Business analysis is the #1 skill desired by employers'"
-Ian Gotts

"I believe the single most important skill will be the ability to identify the new business objectives that should accompany a digital transformation. Without those, you are just (to totally steal Jim Sinur's term) digital sugar coating."
-Rachel Brennan

"EAs -- when they are in place -- do big picture theory. And BAs, found more and more widely, will be responsible for bridging business and technology for business value creation -- not just as sales representation."
-John Morris

"The focus of the whole IT industry progressively shifts from programming towards architecture. BPM leads this essential trend in business."
-Boris Zinchenko

"The core of the BPM is about modeling (or designing) 'input - action -output'. The BPM is about thinking systems, how relevant elements of the focus system are related to others. How would the system work in most effective and efficient way to fulfill the purpose of the system."
-Kai Laamanen

"For the company thinking BPM suggests at last a way out of being at mercy of IT!"
-David Chassels