BPM Quotes of the Week - February 22, 2017

John Morris"Only BPM technology directly enables business-side staff to directly imagine, model, manufacture and use automation artefacts for any desired business process, minimizing IT-side mediation. New generation BPM software technology thus enables organizations to evolve business capabilities more rapidly and affordably than is possible with any alternat."
-John Morris

"In our view, the skill that never goes out of style or out of date is leadership. Any technology evolution or disruption Adobe Spark-17depends upon people to lead the change, and make sure it is effective. I’ve never seen a BPM program suffer from a surplus of leadership skills."
-Scott Francis

From the BPM Forum

"Customers cannot be locked into a structured process. They can be guided through 'the right steps in the right order', but must be allowed to follow their own impulses. Very similar to herding cats."
-John Reynolds

"I see clients designing customer experience to cater to internal operations first, end customer second without even realizing it. We continue to see this tendency with the intent to ensure the organization requirements are met... then the customer experience incorporated. Begin with the customer experience, your team will be surprised at the design choices you make when adopting this point of view FIRST."
-John Robinson

"All your processes and the experiences they deliver need to be thought about from the outside in. It's not as though there are processes that are just for experience (in some customer facing silo) and the rest of what you do can just carry on ... in their own merry little silos."
-Derek Miers

"Even most advanced CRM alone can appear not sufficient to handle all customer processes. CRM rarely offers enough flexibility to configure multiple levels of interaction with client through complex decision logic, gateways, escalations and delegation of tasks. For this reason, full-fledged BPM system with well configured process hierarchy is indispensable element of quality customer service."
-Boris Zinchenko

"The best way to engage the customers is to show them very clearly how much value you add to their particular case/process. And then value can take a lot of forms, but it's definitely not in the right consulting words for 'process'."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"Best way of engaging potential customers? 'Tell me what you need to do, tell me what the problem is, tell me your pain.'"
-Patrick Lujan

"An interesting experiment is to not use any of our favorite buzz words : bpm, process, operational excellence, etc. And just talk with customers. Listen to them, learn about their business. Learn about their people. Learn about their goals and objectives and imperatives. And then imagine how you can help."
-Scott Francis

"We lose the plot when we substitute a euphemism for a perfectly understandable word. The tendency of corporations to use words like 'passenger', 'shopper' and 'guest' instead of 'customer' switches the emphasis of the service delivered to a corporate-context instead of a customer-centric one. The same thing goes for 'process'. Optimizing, automating or documenting a process is something we feel viscerally, we know what to do, we know how to do it."
-Kevin Parker