BPM Quotes of the Week - February 2, 2015

“What digital leaders have in common is a keen understanding (and importantly, a practical application) of the need to digitally transform more than just processes—it’s about transforming the entire value proposition from the outside in and from the inside, out. What does that mean in practice? Put simply, it’s about bringing customer facing and operational processes closer than ever.”
-Fernand Khousakoun

“Organizations are encouraged to create customer maps that show the touch points between customers and each part of their organization. Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is gaining momentum because few organizations understand all the touch points that customers have with each of their organizational units.”
-Jim Sinur

“It leads me to believe they don’t really ‘get’ that governance is always about setting business policies. Indeed, if you want to improve the governance process sooner or later you’ll have to come to grips with business rules.”
-Ron Ross

From the BPM Forum

“If you think (BPM) education is expensive, you should try ignorance.”
-Ian Gotts

“Truth is, ‘maturity’ is a euphemism for ‘skill’. You use "maturity" when you're trying to avoid saying, ‘seems like you guys aren't very good at this’. The level of skill applied to BPM efforts is vitally important.”
-E. Scott Menter

“What the process management environment can and should do is STOP trying to rigidize and PREDICT processes, but enable goal-oriented collaboration between employees, partners and the customer. That's the only way the process can be done right the first time.”
-Max Pucher