BPM Quotes of the Week - February 16, 2017

Burlton"A process perspective provides a critical foundation for effective business operations and change. Simply put, business operations are simply the execution of your business processes."
-Roger T. Burlton

From the BPM Forum

"We will have the 17 excellent BPM-suite products in the year 2017. Very good. Shall we wait another year to get 'just' one business execution platform?"
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

Will 2017 Be the Year of BPM? "Yes, the same way we had the year of the LAN...for 17 consecutive years, I think."
-Jonathan Yarmis

"This year for BPM and most everything else will be a year like most, slow and incremental. No big bangs for this year tho' I can't wait to follow up with the blockchain and no code/low code crowd at the end of this year."
-Patrick Lujan

"So the role of BPM in 2017 and beyond is not to produce 'processes', but rather to produce process-driven applications, rapidly developed and improved, with little or no code. The vast majority of the design time for such applications will (or should) be spent, not on process design, but on end-user experience, compliance, and effectiveness at meeting business goals."
-E. Scott Menter

"UI/UX is the single most important capability of a workflow management system."
-Karl Walter Kierstead

"I used to think that the User Interface of a Process Engine was a Core Capability, but on reflection it's the API for Interacting with Processes that's really the Core Capability. Any User Interface is a straitjacket that mandates one flavor of User Experience, and what I've learned over the past ten or so years of implementing BPM solutions is that there are as many flavors of desirable User Experiences as there are Process Participants."
-John Reynolds

"If the user interface is not clear and/or difficult to use, users will not use it (or not want to use it)."
-Scott Cleveland

"The days of the generic user experience are over (if they ever really existed). We live in a world now where the API is king. Any system where the front end is not completely decoupled from the API will fail, and fail in the relatively short term. User experiences are changing rapidly."
-Brian Reale

"But is there anything uniquely 'BPM' about UX that is not also true of any other technology? UX is UX is UX."
-John Morris

"The end user interface is something that will ultimately decide about the success of implementation. Even the most technologically sophisticated solutions will fail if the interface is crude, slow and unintuitive."
-Michal Rykiert

"User interface is crucial for instances of running processes. But these process instances may not even belong to BPM system itself...The better BPM system is organized, less visible it is. BPM engine is a service to make all dirty work of process automation behind the scene."
-Boris Zinchenko