BPM Quotes of the Week - February 15, 2018

Marilyn de Villiers"As organisations build their operations around digital technologies, they need to ensure business process management (BPM) functionality does not end up slipping into the background. So says Megan Potrzeba, marketing and content strategist at Appian."
-Marilyn de Villiers

From the BPM Forum

"You can't really be agile if you don't have nimble architecture: monolithic applications are big ships, and they can't readily turn to adjust to the currents if you don't have a plan to transition to micro-service architecture."
-Max Young

"Understand the process first, ensure it makes sense to automate it, fix anything that's broken then automate."
-Craig Willis

"Successful automation is not a Captain Picard moment ( 'Make it so, No. One' ), but requires sustained commitment and trust. And even an acknowledgement that new tacit process is constantly developing!"
-John Morris

What Are the Key Mistakes to Avoid When Automating Processes Today? "Assuming that 'automating a few steps in a predefined order' is the same as 'making processes better'."
-Emiel Kelly

"True innovation lies not in wringing incremental performance improvements from existing processes, but rather in reshaping the business itself, a strategy that is reified by the process-driven applications that are the brains and sinew of the new digital business."
-E. Scott Menter

"The fact that automated processes are only one component in the end to end process delivering the required outcome. Therefore important that there is recognition the input and output data/information needs to be effectively managed with required accountability."
-David Chassels

"Since one size does not fit all, brands must manage their expectations for an automated system with respect to their specific application.They will need to have a realistic understanding of what automation can do for their facility and set attainable benchmarks to compare existing data to desired capabilities."
-Kritika Pandey

"We will move to the primacy of the digital representation of practically all existing artefacts. Thus we are forced to automate their life cycles."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"Automation aggregates a knowledge about necessary artifacts, skills, steps and their interpretation necessary to fulfill specific task. The fact that this formalized know-how can further be optionally implemented as an algorithm, computer system or dedicated machinery is a practical manifestation of automation but not its definitive essence."
-Boris Zinchenko