BPM Quotes of the Week - February 10, 2015

“One of the great challenges for BPM in the future will be visualizing process-context effectively as the baseline expectations for visualization dramatically improve. Perhaps the most interesting visualizations will be domain specific rather than process-generic.”
-Scott Francis

From the BPM Forum

“It's well understood that data needs context to be relevant (data + context = information). Likewise, process requires context (process + context = optimization). Process without context is proceduralism / bureaucracy.”
-Dave Duggal

“To make processes ‘intelligent’ we have to provide the learning and what that invariably boils down to when pairing the business and technology is the decisioning and the decisioning - and on-going tweaking of the parameters and thresholds for what happens when, under what circumstances - is us.”
-Patrick Lujan

“At this point of time, it is possible to have intelligence in structured, rigid, predefined process definitions. For that purpose, algorithms that are able to describe models, like the ones used in process mining or machine learning, can predict variables like how much time the process is going to take to come to an end or based in correlation of data, can infer on process outcomes…”
-Alberto Manuel

“Most CRMs today are just sales ERPs or just sales DBMS with a slightly more focused interface. Their main purpose is to spew funnel reports to upper management. They are so far away from what salespeople really want as help in their daily jobs that they are probably the most hated piece of software ever, neck-to-neck with ERPs.”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“Look closely at a CRM system, and you will see it is a case management system. Each sales prospect is a case. The sale is the goal of the case. How the salesman gets to the goal can be very different depending upon the specific details of the customer needs.”
-Keith Swenson

“On the whole CRM packages don't fare well with complex case management and need to hand off to a BPM solution.”
-Nicholas Kitson

“CRM software, case-oriented or not, is not very good at helping reps sell. Because support for human work around cases leaves out important aspects of case work. In the world of sales, the most important thing that reps need is support for “story” or “narrative”. […] However, case software generally falls short of delivering what case workers (including sales reps) need a lot of. Case capability is a beginning, and only a beginning.”
-John Morris