BPM Quotes of the Week - Feb. 7

"A customer experiences your company as the sum of its business processes. How comfortable does that make you feel?"
Scott Francis

"The problem here is that IT often has a different definition of “agile” than the business does. In many IT shops, agility is measured in terms such as velocity, story points, burn down charts, and other metrics and data points that are geared toward measuring how well a team is performing based on historical numbers. None of these numbers really measure business agility."
Mike Kavis

"There are lots of technologies now out there, and proposed solutions (especially in the mobile payments space) that don’t actually deliver anything at all. Rather, they wrap up someone else’s tech / app, and all they do is pass information to it to semi streamline a process."
Andrew Smith

From the BPM Forum

“'Converting collaborative data into business execution' isn’t a matter of technology, it’s a matter of people!"
Steve Weissman

"Informing, collaborating, educating - the problem has always been one of capturing and codifying institutional knowledge, extending and enhancing that knowledge. Technology can facilitate that, but will NOT solve it because, as Steve has correctly pointed out, it's a people problem. Start there."
Patrick Lujan

"Social capability is not simply frosting that you spread on the BPM cake."
Keith Swenson

"All of this is meaningless if process experts don't take what Forrester and others are calling an 'outside in' approach to customer service. We must think about our processes not just in terms of efficiency, but in terms of the customer experience."
Don Schuerman

"The common theme behind every story is that the failing or success in customer service is rooted in a clearly thought out process, consistently implemented by staff."
Ian Gotts

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