BPM Quotes of the Week - Feb. 21

“What businesses truly need when they are serious about business process and the effectiveness of their staff is modern technology that enables them to define verifiable goals for the business capabilities that represent the end-to-end processes. They focus on the functionality that they need and not on appearances such as fancy dashboards.”
Max Pucher

“The technology is a fundamental part of enabling a more interactive cultural environment, but the technology alone won't be enough in most organisations. We're talking instead about recognising the need for strategic business change, one that impacts the organisation from top to bottom, from inside to outside.”
Angela Ashenden

From the BPM Forum

“Process creates data. Process uses data. Long live ‘small’ data!"
David Chassels

“Process optimization has been at the core of the naval service for centuries. The ship that could fire and reload the fastest would win.”
Kevin Parker

“The challenge to data and information is that we have too much. Maybe we should figure out how to process more. Or maybe we should figure out how to collect more relevant information at the source, and to store less irrelevant data to begin with.”
Scott Francis

“If an organization wasn’t doing anything with data/Big Data, then process wouldn’t matter. However, nothing can happen in an organization without both. They require different skills sets to address how they are used most efficiently by the organization, but the organization must have both.”
Kathy Long

“Data (large, medium, or small) is the noun. Process is the verb.”
E. Scott Menter

“What I experience more and more is that no one cares about BPM, but many care about their processes.”
Emiel Kelly

“Processes mean collaboration. As long as apps cannot integrate well with each other (and they won't - not soon enough), the process does not exist.”
Bogdan Nafornita

“If you believe that ‘whoever has the best algorithms wins’ and you consider processes to be algorithms, then you have to consider that you're never going to gain any advantage by using somebody else's ‘off the shelf’ pre-packaged process.”
Phillip Rhodes

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