BPM Quotes of the Week - December 6, 2017

Nigel Fenwick"Responding to rising customer expectations demands a state of continuous evolution. Each evolution of the experience must deliver a valuable outcome better. Done well, revenue follows."
-Nigel Fenwick

From the BPM Forum

"Adding rules to process is enormously important for business analysts (or any process automation project sponsor). Clarifies business logic and affords massive simplification of process models. Big opportunity; slower adoption, for all the usual reasons."
-John Morris

"The 'marriage' between BPM and modern digital archives (i.e. blockchain-based storage) will allow BPM expanding beyond organisational boundaries. Thus BPM can coordinate people, organisations, services, etc. in the end-to-end (from the customer's point-of-view) manner."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"BPMN doesn't work well in describing the participant's journeys - which is increasingly being recognized as the most important aspect to focus on."
-John Reynolds

"Any time you force a business professional to understand BPMN, it is risky at the minimum and a mortal sin at the maximum. BPMN is great for a common communication capiliity for engineers and software, but as communication device to business professionals?"
-Jim Sinur

"We sell 'workflow/workload' management software, not BPM, not notations, so anytime we see an RFP that indicates a specific notation, a particular dbms, or a particular programming language, we pass. When I call a plumber, I don't tell him on arrival what tools he should use to fix my problem."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"BPMN is an excellent language if the 'speaker' follows its rules of grammar and syntax, uses 'words' (symbols) that accurately describe the idea at hand, and 'speaks' using a vocabulary that the audience understands (or can be taught to understand quickly). BPMN stops being a useful tool when the 'speaker' models in the equivalent of BPMN gibberish, when BPMN's vocabulary simply isn't capable of describing the idea at hand."
-Jon Spira

"In my opinion, BPMN can be misused in 2 ways: 1) errors and redundancies, using its iconography and 2) overemphasizing its importance for an actual BPM implementation."
-Kay Winkler