BPM Quotes of the Week - December 19, 2017

Amanda LeClair"'Functional programming' is going to become inescapable over the next 18 months—that is, if it isn’t already on your radar...In layman’s terms functional programming tells software what to do, compared to procedural programming that tells software how to do something."
-Amanda LeClair, Michael Facemire, Forrester


"Investments in the web, mobile and apps alone will not help unless back-end processes are aligned to deliver an enhanced customer experience across channels."
-Saurabh Bisht

What Would You Like to See at
-bpmNEXT 2018?

“Could you arrange, please, an objective analysis of challenges in front of the BPM industry and, if possible, how to address them.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

“Maybe time for clarity on what a Platform Software which supports BPM really needs and linked the explanation of expectations for no code and low code?”
-David Chassels

From the BPM Forum

"AI can be huge a force multiplier for well designed processes. Think of AI as automation on steroids. But like automation, AI applied to poor, inefficient or badly designed processes will simply add costs and build a case for the AI hype cycle."
-Ian Gotts

"Unless/ until operational staff across multiple industries/applications get to where they are gaining both efficiency and effectiveness from in-line BPM in run-time Case Management platforms, no need to try to skip over less-complex methods/techniques that can have a dramatic impact on building and sustaining competitive advantage."
-Karl Walter Keirstead

"The business purpose of AI is to support decisioning, probably at scale. And repetitive decisioning is encoded in organizational business processes. AI and BPM therefore go hand-in-hand. AI will have an impact on your processes in 2018 if you make it happen."
-John Morris

"Most of the use cases will be around recommendation engines that drive better customer experience. Examples include recommending best options to a customer, selecting a best task an employee can work on or deciding between a robot worker and a human worker."
-Siva Puvvada

"AI wont necessarily make too much of a difference in the BPM market during 2018, but most definitively over the next couple of (5?) years."
-Kay Winkler

"BPM, at least in respect to process automation and process mining, is indispensable part of AI. Impact of modern AI methodologies is continually increasing over past years. BPM is, to considerable extent, a projection of AI into business process world."
-Boris Zinchenko

"What we found is to embed process knowledge in a dynamic help layer, that picks up process instance variables to actually tell the actors what the consequence of what they are doing is going to be on the process (e.g. where that task is going, who is going to do it / approve it etc based on their selections)."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"Knowledge must be shared as practice. Manage the organisation by business processes and make them explicit and machine-executable thus people will trust that what they see is what they do."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin