BPM Quotes of the Week - Dec. 6

It is not really that the world is getting too complex, but rather our organizations are simply ill-equipped to handle it using the traditional functional silos.
Keith Swenson

Processes are no longer rigid flow models that are drawn,  "agreed to" and carved in stone. While process may start with process models; in the future the process model will more represent the audit trail of what the process did and the decisions it made. 
Jim Sinur

I think it is time to rethink BPM. It’s time to bring back the dying concept of “Social BPM.” Social BPM has been hijacked as meaning the “sprinkling of social features on complex, system-centric software”. “Social” comes before BPM for a reason.
We’re at the dawn of a new industrial revolution. And just as the steam engine and the spinning jenny transformed the world in the first industrial revolution, the new technology of this new industrial revolution will transform our world as we know it.
From the BPM Forum
The highest level of customer service is achieved when you apply design thinking to all the touchpoints between the customer and your own organization.
Processes must be made explicit and executable to employ the power of processes. 
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