BPM Quotes of the Week - Dec. 27

“Customers expect every company to offer services like web retailers. They want to see everything in real time, putting pressure on our systems and operations.”
Jacqi Levy

Normalization, standardization, is a dream for most of the organizations that are in the beginning of their BPM journey, and that it can and will become deceptive, when they realize that it’s impossible to understand the flood of information.
While there are static snippets of structured processes in most successful processes, there are a growing portion of large scoped processes that have significant amount of collaboration, agile, and emerging definition or behavior. 
A central issue is whether there is a difference between “Business Capability” (BC) and “Business Process” (BP).  No matter how this is resolved, there will never be one thing that solves all your problems. 
BPM should be about managing your organization by process in such a way that those processes do what you promise.
I used to spend all of my time fighting fires: now I spend my time finding out who's starting them...I'd go as far as to say BPM puts the "manage" in management.
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Have a great 2014!