BPM Quotes of the Week - Dec. 20

Improvements to customer onboarding are all the rage these days. Why so? Probably because most organisations do it so badly.
Craig Reid

What’s happening now is a level of integration and openness based around operational data that makes it much easier and more economical to create advanced systems of co-ordination from integrated parts.
BPM is not just system integration or one time automation of manual process. It is about continuous improvement. Unless there is a right design and methodology in place, we are essentially creating a new monolithic application that is as rigid as existing systems.
Process issues suffer from the same syndrome automobile tires do: they're expensive, largely invisible to daily life, but absolutely vital to operational performance and safety.
Companies could start to connect employee goals to process goals and enable and coach them more to contribute to the things that pay their salary; processes.
It marks the transition of BPM from a boring, back office technology to one that can actually help you embrace your customers by enabling them to participate directly in business processes.
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