BPM Quotes of the Week - Dec. 13

I am worried that most of my companies are not tech-savvy enough. Despite our bias towards sectors such as hospitality, technology needs to be front and centre in our thinking. 
Luke Johnson

People who are accustomed to using simple, well-designed applications in their personal lives have no patience for disappointing technology at work.
Steve Rosenbush

Just when we thought social media might kill off email, the world is evolving email instead. 
Jaisundar V

We are now finally moving beyond this phase towards a more practical, pragmatic era where the emphasis is less on the hype around “social” and jumping on the latest bandwagon, and more on the real business issues around how these technologies can actually deliver value for organisations…
I’ve discovered that companies only become mobile-empowered businesses when the company redesigns its existing business processes.
Once we overcome the problem of tech illiterate CIOs, we can talk about CEOs.
Business schools need to make students aware that without understanding of information technology their ability to manage will be dramatically impaired.
The entire mobile consumer experience requires a complete rethink of how you approach process in context of the scenario or use case but not as an arbitrary strategy, it’s still all about the complete end to end execution. 
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