BPM Quotes of the Week - August 5, 2015

“From the perspective of business processes, ‘digitalisation’ (ugh) is about enabling resources of all kinds to be co-ordinated more quickly and more optimally.”
-Neil Ward-Dutton

‘As any enterprise-wide undertaking, the usage of BPM within an enterprise must be systemically architected: designed, governed and optimised.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

“There is no one simple answer to deal with legacy in our transformation to digital and it will likely require a hybrid approach of all of the approaches above. Going digital should not have to be dragged back by legacy for the more successful organizations. The best will create an incremental transformation plan that leverages removal, refurbish and repurpose approaches.”
-Jim Sinur

From the BPM Forum

“Barriers to BPM scaleability? Specifically managers begin to see their role as being in the ‘process manufacturing business’. From this fresh managerial mindset then will come a demand for the technology products that are purpose-built for building processes.”
-John Morris

“Scaling BPM across and down obviously isn’t principally about software tools, though. A more important challenge for the BPM community (even if it is fifteen years late), is to move on from old-fashioned and discredited waterfall IT project delivery approaches. We need some kind of agile BPM.”
-Peter Hilton

“BPM consultants and implementation partners should realize that BPM is more a social endeavor than technological. Some BPM professionals today position themselves as change management specialist first and foremost and I believe it makes a lot of sense.”
-Anatoly Belaychuk

“What's the use of a fridge telling me there is no milk? Nothing, if nothing happens with that information. The goal is not to have that information, but to have enough milk, what could be seen as a process result.”
-Emiel Kelly

“BPM is that principle of recognizing the critical business operations where information is created and used to achieve the business objective. Many devices will create new relevant data and must plug into the process to be used as required.”
-David Chassels

“Ultimately BPM will own just a tiny sliver of the IoT behemoth, but it will be the beautiful, meaningful, adequate and intelligently scalable sliver.”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“The era of IOT connected BPM processes is already upon us, I was working on a insurance claims process last year where, the insurer was taking information from monitors in the vehicle that record how well you drive. Usingthis "live"data the insurance company was able to A) adjust your yearly premium and B) understand what you were doing at the time of an accident!”
-Nicholas Kitson

What Is Your Favorite BPM Quote?

“We set up a separate project for BPM so it doesn't disturb daily business.”
-Emiel Kelly

“It doesn't matter what you do (BPM initiative), what matters is how well it is adopted in the workforce.”
-Ian Gotts

“Don't think of it as e-forms. Think of it as your UI.”
-E. Scott Menter

"We are quite familiar with BPM and modeling - but if you are doing workshops on process modeling & design, please include a session on Stimulation. That would be most useful for us"
-Jaisundar Venkat