BPM Quotes of the Week - August 29, 2017

Neil Ward-Dutton"80% of CIOs said that they expect to play more active roles in digital transformation initiatives over the next two years, according to research by MWD advisors."
-Neil Ward-Dutton

"AI is a journey. You can start small, and use AI to increase efficiency, reduce friction in the customer journey. As you move up the maturity curve, AI-fueled engagement can enhance customer engagement, allow you to take proactive action and even preempt the need for customer service."
-Kate Leggett

"With constant advances in RPA and the digital workforce—digital disruption will happen sooner and faster than you ever imagined."
-Roland Alston

From the BPM Forum

"We'll start seeing more and more businesses interact across an entire chain over that infrastructure moving and exchanging information at faster speeds which, in turn, will hopefully provide the opportunity for process improvement as well."
-Patrick Lujan

"Your bandwidth to the cloud is less than your bandwidth in your datacenter. If you're transferring TBs of data between systems of record and engagement, you probably want a pretty fat pipe running between them."
-E. Scott Menter

"In terms of cloud process adoption, the market is split exactly in two: those who have done it and those who will do it."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"The question about processes and cloud is a question especially about infrastructure risk. And infrastructure as such is very much about scaleability, manageability, latency etc. -- and again trust, uncertainty and risk."
-John Morris

"The biggest challenge to digital transformation is not a technological one but rather a mental one. On average, Enterprise applications have only a 12% adoption rate with the workforce."
-Eyal Katz

"Digital transformation begins with your target architecture which is the base to engage employees."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"If you're going to make all your Digital Dreams come True, you have to be able to implement them as business processes. You have to operationalize the digital experience."
-Scott Francis

"Digital Transformation starts with a vision of a new business model exploiting digital technology."
-Ian Gotts

"Any transformation should start trying to understand present situation and the key drivers or needs for the change. Doing this the most important aspect is trying to grasp how does the transformation effect to the customer process, behavior and experience."
-Kai Laamanen

"Digital transformation is about reinventing the business models and making organizational changes to the root. Process tranformation is the key in that journey."
-Siva Puvvada