BPM Quotes of the Week - August 24, 2015

“A business process has to deal with the realities of your organization.”
-Keith Swenson

“The key for strategic processes is focus – that is you can’t be everything to everybody – you need to make a conscious choice and invest time and effort in a few processes versus many. This does not mean you can execute other processes poorly or ignore them .”
-Tim Allen

From the BPM Forum

“A process can help with the selection of who's going to answer, ensure there is exactly one person answering and reminders and escalations can help to ensure SLAs are met.”
-Tom Baeyens

“Although I believe that real automation is in many cases still not present or poorly implemented, I encounter that other issue: Business processes that have been automated, rather than optimized.”
-Walter Bril

“Automation of an existing process may be the first step to optimise this process.”
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

What's the Worst Advice You Can Give Someone Just Starting BPM?

“You can totally make up for quality with quantity.”
-Scott Francis

“Definitely use a waterfall approach to BPM - you wouldn't want people changing requirements just because business conditions have changed.”
-Scott Francis

Buy the 'best' (most popular) BPM Suite, no matter which kind of processes you have."
-Maria Paz

”You are innovative - you don't need processes. You need collaboration.”
-Ian Gotts

”Now: BPM is dead, you need ACM. Two months later: ACM is dead, you need GSD. Four months later: GSD is dead, and so are you.”
-Bodgan Nafornita

”Let's go for it! The whole enchilada, right out of the gate! Enterprise-wide! We can DO it!”
-Patrick Lujan

”Confused about which BPM product to purchase and which product fits your landscape - lemme tell you - if you have enough budget - get them all!!”
-Pritiman Panda