BPM Quotes of the Week - August 23, 2018

Lisa Higgins"The demand for process transformation is rapidly increasing; however, 88 percent of respondents felt that process management, as a discipline, needed to change to remain relevant."
-Lisa Higgins


"While Customer Experience, and Digital Experience describe how we want a customer to feel while buying or interacting with us, the customer journey is the process that makes producing that experience repeatable at scale."
-Scott Francis

"It is interesting how most of the times great ideas come up to transform any kind of business, but it all gets delayed and even stuck when the operation itself is already complex and it could even get more complex with new projects unless infrastructure modernization is also considered as part of this transformation."
-Carlos Campos Torres

From the BPM Forum

"The IT department should be a strategic partner of the business, share with them what are the technological potentialities, so that the business responsibles can decide what should be implemented in digital transformation."
-Jose Camacho

"'If a large business is undergoing Digital Transformation, should any one department in the business be the lead for the transformation?' I'd answer 'no'."
-Andrew Paier

"I wonder if the label 'IT' will exist down the road and the IT we know today splits today's capabilities between business and infrastructure."
-Stuart Chandler

"For Digital Transformation to really work you need both speed and direction, which means both the Business and IT need to be onboard and driving the digital transformation efforts."
-Rachel Brennan

"If left alone or followed as a beacon, IT will drive a company from its true business goals into a virtual world of elusive digital harmony. This danger is getting more and more real in the course of rapidly increasing role of digital governance and real time reporting. As a result, management tends to see the whole business through an IT prism creating a potential for a noxious aberration."
-Boris Zinchenko

"To me the biggest surprise was that apparently 75%+ of the people online think BPM is a technology only. This line of thinking is one of the root causes why so many BPM implementations fail in the long run, there is no BPM mindset in the organization yet that can nurture and grow the support for the underlying toolset."
-Caspar Jans

"It's always a surprise to me when pioneering BPM vendors and thought leaders abandon the idea that BPM technology is important and unique and central to the work of business."
-John Morris

"The biggest surprise with BPM - it still has no strategy how to survive in the fast moving world."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin