BPM Quotes of the Week - August 22, 2016

"CIOs and other C-level executives expect automation through BPM solutions for their organization, which limits the scope of innovations the BPM can provide. BPM is always viewed as a medium to streamline business activities, which leaves a space for it to enhance processes further for business use."
-CIO Review

"By using agile methodologies, organizations can move ahead with some of their more innovative ideas without letting the possibility of failure break their business (or confidence)."
-Victoria Ebel

"When processes are left to develop organically, they tend to grow up in isolated silos. Invariably, some silos have more mature process-minded approaches than others, making it difficult to integrate and standardize horizontally."
-Jess Scheer

From the BPM Forum

"I've seen plenty of smart people make poor process. Especially with technical people, I often see these smart people create unnecessarily complex process that is difficult to manage both on the software side and business side. "
-Zachary Kelemen

"Smart people make smart processes, no doubt. The operative word being 'people', multiple perspectives are key to a good process. Question is: are they being smart about bringing it all together? I've seen that done well and...not so well."
-Sandeep Johal

"You want stupid people to design processes, so they can be used/followed by stupid* people."
-Ian Gotts

"Smart processes are for Dumb people -- Dumb processes are for Smart people."
-Keith Swenson

"I do believe that it takes smart people to make a truly smart process though. It takes someone with the intelligence and skills to talk with people and find out how the business is currently operating so they can make improvements."
-Rick Willis

"We have observed that improving an enterprise BPM system requires a lot of communication with practically everyone within the enterprise, and everyone should be treated as a stakeholder of the enterprise BPM system. Each group of stakeholders has different views, different concerns and a different understanding of the enterprise BPM system."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"Organizations will continue to build digital applications using BPM platforms, because doing so (a) makes them money, (b) saves them money, or (c) all of the above. Responsible companies, and society at large, will be challenged to step up and address the consequences of (near-)universal digital transformation, for better or worse."
-E. Scott Menter

Should BPM Offer Every Person in the Business a Daily Advantage in Executing their Jobs? "No, because not every person in your typical business needs or can benefit from orchestration."
-Karl Walter Keirstead