BPM Quotes of the Week - August 15, 2018

Jim Sinur"While RPA can replace humans on happy paths to create straight-through processes, there is much more to address. Bots must grow from structured screens and data to knowledge-rich cases or dynamic processes that are emergent in nature."
-Jim Sinur


"If your retail organization suffers from process gaps and manual routing ā€” and 37% of business and technology decision makers report that they are ā€” you must start with laying the groundwork before leaping to AI bling."
-Rob Koplowitz

"Anyone who believes that IT cannot lead digital transformation, Iā€™m referring to a new kind of IT: The technology team of 2018 must be capable of accelerating digital transformation across the organization."
-Nigel Fenwick

From the BPM Forum

What is the Best Way to Start an RPA Project?

"If it's your first project (or an early project), take time to identify work that will actually be most suited to RPA. Not just technically suited, but operationally suited. Work that's routine and rules-based and relies on patchworks of systems, yes; but also places where a significant amount of very similar work is carried out in at least a small team."
-Neil Ward-Dutton

"RPA is straight forward. The bot replaces the person. Program the bot on where to go, what to see, what to get, what to do with it, and where to put it."
-Garth Knudson

"I heard one company describe RPA in their organization as 'instant technical debt' - which is a good indicator of how it can go wrong, or how it can be used as a band-aid to get quick resolution on a bit of integration or automation to be replaced by something robust later (which may still be RPA, but more 'designed' in nature). But it also can be used to unlock value in areas that are otherwise stubborn to change."
-Scott Francis

"It has been natural to start RPA initiatives as a part of larger BPM projects.
In each BPM implementation we usually get to the point of defining with which applications a front facing, operational business process has to 'talk' to in the back, in order to harness the largest possible impact in terms of improving response times and data quality."
-Kay Winkler

"To reap all benefits of this automated discovery, it is essential to explore RPA only in the context of a business model where RPA will allow to quickly evaluate transformation potential for previously identified bottlenecks and inefficient processes. Therefore, always start with careful business mapping and solid BPM analysis to succeed with RPA."
-Boris G. Zinchenko

What BPM Skills Are Most Needed in Today's Enterprise?

"Ability to architect an enterprise as a system of explicit, formal, machine-readable and machine-executable processes."
-Dr Alexander Samarin

What BPM Skills Are Most Needed in Today's Enterprise? "Ability to make the internal sale; convincing people to get on board of digital transformation or process automation projects."
-Juan J Moreno

"The price in business inflexibility resulting from performance shortcuts is much, much higher than any business executive has ever realized. What, we can't bring this new service to our customer base in less than six months?"
-John Morris

"Understanding business, process & architecture in its purity, than viewing it through the lens of a specific product as 'tool jockeys' with drag-&-drop features/palettes. The pace and scale at which we are moving in the industry, and adopting new advancements - thinking just within the box solves a part of the puzzle."
-Pritiman Panda

What Are the Biggest Challenges Automation Is Creating for Companies?

"Companies have to express their work in a formal way. In the absence of necessary formalism IT departments have to 'invent' it thus introducing errors and increasing complexity."
-Dr Alexander Samarin

"To my opinion the biggest challenge for companies striving to automate things is the fact that companies seem to blindly automate their current processes without asking themselves if the process is suitable to be automated. If you automate an ineffective or inefficient process, the only thing you will have is automated trouble."
-Casper Jans