BPM Quotes of the Week - August 15, 2017

Cecile Hurley"Business Process Management (BPM) is the answer to help an organization begin their digital transformation journey and exceed customer expectations. Business Process Management segments the digital transformation process into three easy steps: define the current state, achieve a target state and continuous improvement."
-Cecile Hurley

"If used unwisely, digital forces could transform businesses in ways that will have negative long-term implications for both companies and workers."
-George Westerman

From the BPM Forum

"Initially it’s (RPA) getting rid of repetitive manual tasks, then it's adding variations of AI like machine intelligence to increase the level of automation. Later we will see bots assisting knowledge workers and even predicting appropriate responses."
-Jim Sinur

"Processes with high transaction volume which can be programmatically automated and remove the need for human touch. Also, in the case where you have legacy systems which aren't going anywhere in the short-term, but you don't want to build robust integrations to those systems. RPA can be a great way to get some quick ROI and greatly improve the throughput for your processes."
-Brian French

"RPA use cases are clear and well-defined -- and the associated business cases are often dramatic. The combination of defined technology, use cases and business cases added up across F1000 corporates and incrementally into smaller organization defines a whole market for technology and associated services. This in turn defines opportunity."
-John Morris

"Most of the RPA tools have a concept of 'Control Room' - a dashboard similar to a helicopter cockpit with all the levers for the Robotic Process Automation defined for all business scenarios. This helps the Business have control and have a hawk eye on the system, than presuming that control & automation has completely slipped from their hands."
-Pritiman Panda

"Applying RPA to a broken process just makes a bad process run faster."
-Siva Puvvada

"Pay just as much attention to the UX around your feedback process as you do to your product or service offering, etc. In summary, the point is that feedback solicitation is just another way to reach your customer and to fulfill their needs."
-E. Scott Menter