BPM Quotes of the Week - August 15, 2016

"Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a major role in the future of workflow optimization. iBPMS workflow solutions are already providing suggestions to optimize your workflow and create greater transparency into workflow processes and, eventually, AI engines will automate workflow optimization. So you should have your processes ready!"
-David Threm

"In order to start, you need to map out your processes: of course you know this. You about listening the VOC and creating coherent map and getting buy-in from key stake holders. You know that you need heterogeneous systems that interact with multiple roles, and which add demonstrable value."
-Max Habibi

"As Shawn Dubravac wrote in Digital Destiny, 'Humanity is entering a new era. Beyond the mere acquisition of ever more digital devices with ever more incredible functionality, the immediate future will usher in the all-digital lifestyle and an ‘Internet of Everything.’ The transformation of our lives will be breathtaking.'"
-Jim Sinur

"What exactly is digital transformation all about? It’s about creating the future for your organization--strategically evolving your technological foundations, digitizing your businesses, creating process efficiencies, providing services to an increasingly mobile customer base and workforce, seamlessly integrating with vendors and business partners, and creating transparency and a quality customer experience. The question is: Do you want to be the disrupted or the disruptor?"
-David Threm

From the BPM Forum

"I strongly believe we need to get rid of traditional company thinking and move to community and network thinking. Currently we face a growing gap between old thinking (and derivated regulation to name just one) and these exciting new developments."
-Walter Bril

"What impact will the IoT have on BPM? It’ll transform the process automation market completely with many more new market entrants and lead us to reconsider what we think are the core components of a BPMs."
-Peter Whibley

"I believe IoT amplifies the use cases to use BPM solutions. Simply put it can connect insight to action. Either because the device/agent requires an action to be fulfilled manually or automatically, there is no better way to delegate these needs to a process."
-Eduardo Chiocconi

"BPM for IoT needs to be triggered by key events from real time data that could come from sensors, machines and services. Most BPM applications do not have an event processing front-end capability that connects to these real time data sources to the processes and workflows."
-Pieter van Schalkwyk

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