BPM Quotes of the Week - August 10, 2017

Keith Swenson"The business process holy grail still eludes the industry as we discover that organizations consist of interactions patterns that are much more complex than we previously realized. No simple solution will ever be found for this inherently complex problem, but the search for some means to keep it under control goes on."
-Keith Swenson

From the BPM Forum

"A digital company has made most of its business model explicit in a digital architecture, so that it is now able to edit its business model very fast and very affordably."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"Many organizations have strong ERP's for its core processes, but I wouldn't say they have gone digital until their support processes are also fully automated, integrated and running over specialized digital platforms."
-Juan J. Moreno

"If you are a business or technology leader, you could say 'going digital' is 'doing your job.'"
-John Morris

"Maybe we could say that a 'digitally transformed' company must have a successfully implemented: BPMS, SOA, ECM, BI, AI (too much? maybe DT 2.0...) that are tightly integrated into each other and to all ERP systems that the company may have.In addition to that, the DT'ed company offers virtual sales and service channels for at least 80% of its products and services."
-Kay Winkler

"This Forbes article claims that 84% of digital transformations will fail. But those that succeed have completely redesigned their businesses (product offerings, operational processes, business model, support systems) to exploit the potential of technology, systems and data to drive up customer experience, drive down costs and become wildly profitable."
-Ian Gotts

"Being ‘done’ modelling a process is like being done mowing a lawn."
-Peter Hilton

"A good time to throttle back on modeling is when you start to see 'hammers looking for nails'."
-Karl Walter Kierstead

"Considering that the word 'modelling' is rather ambiguous let us replace it by the word 'planning'. Thus the question 'When Do You Know You're Done Planning a Process?' has an obvious answer – 'When that process is not needed anymore'."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin