BPM Quotes of the Week - August 10, 2015

“Essential, competitive, critical knowledge is walking out the door daily, but addressing the issue isn’t a priority. The responsibility for preserving top talent expertise falls in the cracks between functions. Whose job is it — human resources, chief information officers or chief learning officers? Increasingly, CLOs are stepping up, possibly because they are best equipped.”
Dorothy Leonard

From the BPM Forum

“Automation folks and AI folks tend to focus on human replacement rather than human betterment - and I think that's misplaced.”
Scott Francis

“Too much time is wasted today using email and even paper for recurring work. Quickly composing practical solutions for recurring work will become a vital part of every professional organization going forward.”
Tom Baeyens

“Some task automation is inevitable, but real value-adding tasks tend to resist complete automation in my experience. I think something more subtle is happening. What I'm starting to see is something more akin to 'task augmentation' where next-best-action recommendation agents augment knowledge-rich task work by suggesting optimal paths or decisions.”
Neil Ward-Dutton

“A core process is one that directly contributes to the value of your company, be it bottom line, brand, customer base, customer satisfaction etc.”
Bogdan Nafornita

“It is important when defining / understanding / documenting processes to understand the core (value chain) processes and those that are supporting processes. But core does not necessarily mean most important. That depends on the priorities of the business at any point in time.”
Ian Gotts

“It's important to consider the customer in every process, even those you don't normally think of as customer-facing. For example, imagine an employee time-off request process. You would normally think of such a thing as a purely back-office function, something about as far away from the customer as can be imagined.”
E. Scott Menter