BPM Quotes of the Week - April 7, 2015

“60% of people switching banks in the past year did so because of insufficient mobile banking capabilities.”
-Nathaniel Palmer

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“I believe that a digital transformation is in every organization's future and those who learn to manage it well will be the winners. I also believe that adaptive and agile processes that create a better customer experience will be a key support ingredient along with many of the new emerging digital technology combinations.
-Jim Sinur

Many vendors in BPM – and by this I’m thinking mostly consulting vendors (who often can advise customers on the processes to tackle) don’t attack customer experience because they don’t provide a great customer experience on their own.
-Scott Francis

“If your organisation’s culture encourages everyone to have a voice, to share their views, experiences, concerns and opinions in order to create a unified, transparent and flattened structure, who isn’t a knowledge worker?”
-Angela Ashenden

From the BPM Forum

“In the long term process optimization and automation should be used to help retain talent. Freeing talent from the mundane so they can use their skills and focus on where they add more value.”
-Peter Whibley

“Talented people expect and demand greater efficiencies and effecitiveness. They immediately see holes/gaps and want to brainstorm ways to fix/fill them, then expect management to provide resources to get it done.”
-Garth Knudson

“High-performance is always process driven. The point of having managed and defined processes should be to support talent and enable people to be at ease to do their best work.”
-Felipe Pinho Pereira

“In my experience great, talented people create process when it doesn't exist. They write automation for things that could be done manually but don't need to be. They spot opportunities for process and repeatability - or for making hard things more accessible to other people with less skills on the team.”
-Scott Francis

“Most drivers are average and they need traffic signs to orient themselves. I never heard anyone complain about the bureaucracy of traffic signs. They are simple rules that enable a social activity (sharing and collaborating on the same traffic space).”
-Bogdan Nafornita

“Automation makes a process more efficient, but not as efficient as eliminating the process altogether. So - discover, simplify and only then automate.”
-Ian Gotts

“Process confabulation is the biggest cause of implementing the wrong process, and ultimately the biggest cause of BPM project failure...Process Confabulation is what people do when you ask them what the process is, and they don't really know what the process is, and they can't admit that they don't know it.”
-Keith Swenson

“The mistakes I see are about user adoption and change management. (1) not involving users sufficiently in testing the prototypes and incorporating their feedback and (2) not talking with stakeholders about what changes in skills and behaviors this automation will entail for them and making sure they really see What's In it for THEM!”
-Shelley Sweet

“A key mistake when automating a process is to ignore the economics of information. "Data is cheap and analysis is expensive" is a casual expression of the economics of information...Without proper business analysis and artifact construction, inexpensivie sensors everywhere will ensure a volume of data and events sufficient to overwhelm any human operators.”
-John Morris

“After selecting the right process to automate, select the most suitable BPMS to do it. Every shoe fits not every foot.”
-Juan J Moreno