BPM Quotes of the Week - April 5, 2017

John Morris"If you have in place an opportunity for feedback on your new business process, you’ll be able to start evolving and improving your new process from day one. Remember that being able to evolve your business processes on an ongoing basis is really only possible with BPM software technology."
-John Morris

"Insufficient involvement of top management as well as process owners and experts and the lack of empowerment of process practitioners are among the biggest challenges in the practice of process management anywhere."
-The Philippine Information Agency

"Process is hot again in terms of use in new emerging solutions. The benefits for operational improvements are proven, so process persists."
-Jim Sinur

"Business Process Management is based upon the idea that the most reliable way that you can improve you business is by really improving your business processes."
-Ariana Denson

From the BPM Forum

How Does Apple's Acquisition of Workflow Change the Market Perception/Value of Workflow/BPM? "I don't see this as having much of an impact on the market perception. IFTT had already popularized the idea to consumers of orchestrating events and apps. This just makes it a bit easier for owners of Apple products."
-John Reynolds

"It is possible all of the previous posters are underselling the possible long-term effects of companies like Microsoft (Flow), Google (Tasker), and Apple adopting simple workflow tools could have on the overall perception of the general public when it comes to workflow and process."
-Brian French

"The majority of BPM vendors consider their products as 'the centre of the enterprise universe', but as the result, their super-powerful products are deployed for marginal applications."
-Dr. Alexander Samarin

"One may assume that this acquisition (Apple’s acquisition of Workflow) is just one of many upcoming events and marks a new wave of BPM growth moving it into primary application stack, along with standard office tools found on every workplace or private device. No doubt, it will trigger many new startups and development in BPM field."
-Boris Zinchenko

What Are the Most Misunderstood Terms in BPM? "Process."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"It's surprisingly infrequent that one sees BPM tied to work and the work of business. Not referencing the why of technology counts as a misunderstanding of BPM technology. And the benefits of BPM technology too."
-John Morris

What Are the Most Misunderstood Terms in BPM? "Task."
-E. Scott Menter