BPM Quotes of the Week - April 4, 2018

Jim Sinur“We see AI picking up a lot of steam, and it seems like intelligence might be the new currency instead of data.”
-Jim Sinur

"The Forrester Study confirms that while most companies are preparing to make digital transformation a priority, they have a long way to go before achieving any kind of mastery over the multiple disciplines required to effectively innovate"
-Frank Palermo

"Digital transformation and IoT strategies are interdependent on one another."
-Alena Davis

From the BPM Forum

Should Continuous Process Improvement Still Be a Goal for the Digital Business? "Only if you still want to compete. If you, as a business, have decided what you have is good enough, and you just don't feel you need to improve any more so you can continue to compete and win, then you don't need CPI as a goal of your digital business."
-Brian French

"The world around digital business is changing quickly, and if you aren't improving constantly, you're falling behind."
-Ben Alexander

"If an organisation wants to run its business digitally, it must be able to carry out continuously improvements of its processes. In the digital era, there will be more changes, more often, in shorter time windows."
-Alexander Samarin

"I see 'continuous' as implicit in 'process'."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"Why would anyone not want to put their content to work? Much like previous discussions, companies do them a disservice by simply storing content...they are only taking it partway."
-Kevin Beddingfield

"Practical execution of the process always involves relevant content management. Vice versa, any manipulation of content always goes on a certain process, either implied or explicitly enforced and supervised."
-Boris Zinchenko

"Everything needs to be driven by business value. I see two buckets out there. One bucket is industry standards and meeting those standards...Second bucket is processes that are unique to the business value proposition...Some off the shelf works to become a foundational build but more times that not, organizations develop some level of process customization in process platforms to encapsulate the business asset (processes) to achieve the business value proposition. Differentiation."
-Stuart Chandler

"Whenever there is a mature, pre-made business process available that approximates the business needs, I wholeheartedly suggest trying to start the optimization and automation initiative from there, instead of starting from scratch. There, of course, are some variables that should influence this approach."
-Kay Winkler

"It's always a good idea to start off with some sort of process template that you can then edit for the business case at hand. But the process template should be manufactured with customization in mind - and that implies a sustainable architecture for the 'process toolbox'."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"There are salient process and non salient ones. The salient are those which are key to the operations of the business where customisation and flexibility in their processes will give that competitive advantage to react to market conditions. This would include handling customer and supplier relationships and important value networks."
-David Chassels

"Blind implementation of standard process templates will effectively destroy all corporate culture and experience previously accumulated in an organization."
-Boris Zinchenko