BPM Quotes of the Week - April 4

“What is easy to lose sight of is that the vendors at bpmNEXT and the Gartner Quadrant are not really in the same markets. They rarely compete with each other, and they are attacking BPM through different lenses. They’re solving real problems for their customers, and finding product-market fit with those customers.”
Scott Francis

For comprehensive coverage of bpmNEXT go to Sandy Kemsley’s blog, Column 2, here: http://www.column2.com/

“The string of years of cutting costs to bolster profits by delivering 10% returns to boost stock prices is coming to an end. It is time to raise real revenue. The successful digital organization will map the customer experience and transform.”
Jim Sinur

“And as the BPMS box has started to crack open a bit, we’re also seeing other adjacent process-improvement-supporting technologies enter the mix: data management layers and composite application builders that make some technology platforms into more full-blown application development platforms; case management (CM) frameworks that enable more dynamic, expert-driven work scenarios to be supported with software; operational intelligence (OI) frameworks that enable end-to-end business process metrics to be monitored in real-time and performance (or problems) to be predicted in advance.”
Neil Ward-Dutton

“BPM is like a roach; it gets everywhere and you can't kill it"
Jakob Freund

From the BPM Forum

“BPM is complex because one needs to develop capability in process methodology, have vision and strategy in place, be familiar with agile project management and change management - these are mostly social/business/managerial skills. And yes - they have to be combined with technical skills in BPM software. Typical techies are weak in the former while business people are weak in the latter, the individuals combining both are rare.”
Anatoly Belaychuk

“The simplicity we are missing comes from the bottom-up perspective. When an individual is able to automate his own piece of the puzzle, many of the aspects get simpler. It doesn't require any knowledge on how others get things done.”
Tom Baeyens

“We (the BPM industry) have to reduce the undesired complexity to ‘liberate’ the resources to better handle the natural complexity. And we must do it TOGETHER.”
Dr. Alexander Samarin

“Everyone who in the slightest deals with customers learns that the one thing that customers hate is to be forced into a process that does not fit their special situation. Now the hitch is that the customer feels that his situation is ALWAYS special.”
Max Pucher

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