BPM Quotes of the Week - April 3, 2019

Sandy Kemsley"Most digital transformation efforts today are focused on external experiences, that is, how a company interacts with its customers. However, there’s more to it than that: the external experience has to interact with employee experiences and operational systems; this linkage is what Newton calls digital operations."
-Sandy Kemsley


"2019 is set for exponential growth in intelligent automation. IA solves two huge problems - quickly engaging with customers in a personalized way and helping employees eliminate repetitive tasks to focus on work that matters to them."
-Matt Shealy

"84% of enterprises have turned toward low-code for its ability to reduce strain on IT resources, increase speed-to-market, and involve the business in digital asset development."
-Sapana Shah

"Hand drawn business process models simply are not agile enough."
-Keith Swenson

From the BPM Forum

What Are the Key Reasons for Not Automating a Process Today?

"Quite simply: flexibility. Speed of change. Sometimes, it is not worth setting a process in stone if you are going to need a different one next time."
-Keith Swenson

"Automating a process is an investment. You need to invest time, maybe money and a period of instability until the automated process is fully adjusted, adopted and properly running. These are costs."
-Juan J Moreno

"You don't automate processes where automation removes more value than it adds. These are usually processes where some human factor is critical to the value of the business transaction."
-Bogdan Nafornita

"Sometimes not automating is a lot safer than blindly automating for the sake of automating. Yet uncertainty and risk await both the bold and the shy. My view is that domain knowledge is the answer."
-John Morris

"Almost any process that is rules based has to be considered a candidate for automation."
-Ross Harling

"For me, one of the key differentiators for automating a process (or not) is intelligence. If only the slightest amount of intelligence is needed for the execution of a business process, do not automate it."
-Caspar Jans

"A key reason to automate process - it forces out the exceptions, the ones that never come out in a mapping exercise. Exceptions cause automation to fail. They add cost and degrade quality whether or not you automate."
-Anthony Blackham