BPM Quotes of the Week - April 27, 2015

“Too much of a focus on the the business process can cause a business solution to be poorly designed and problematic. This is a story from several customers who followed the BPM methodology too well, and were blindsided by some nightmarish systems issues. Too much process can be a real problem.”
-Keith Swenson

“The first and most important measure of success for BPM is to get into production. If you’re not getting into production you can’t start the real-live-data feedback loop for improving your business. If you’re not getting into production, you’re not yielding the benefits of the process: customer experience, cost savings, increased revenue, decreased time-to-market.”
-Scott Francis

“Leadership matters as much during a transformation as it does in the company’s day-to-day work. It can’t be delegated to a project-management office or central team—the presence (or not) of which has no clear bearing on a transformation’s success—while executives carry on with business as usual. Indeed, when senior leaders role model the behavior changes they’re asking employees to make (by spending time on the factory floor or in the call center, where work is done), transformations are 5.3 times more likely to be successful ”
-McKinsey & Company

From the BPM Forum

“The good news is that cloud delivery can put sophisticated BPM solutions within the financial reach of even relatively small businesses. The bad news is that some of these "inexpensive" cloud options have high minimum user counts or other constraints that make them not nearly the bargain they seem. So a big challenge for SMB execs is to find right-sized BPM solutions that address their immediate needs with plenty of scalability and horsepower to grow along with their business.”
-E. Scott Menter

“I believe that...over time as BPM is adopted more widely, that we will see ‘boutique BPM specialists’ establish long-term relationships with organizations of any size, including SMB.”
-John Morris

“Being a SME is hard, you have to compete and survive before thinking of BPM? Well, I believe that if you are a SME, you have to think in BPM to compete and survive. And yes, there are emerging technologies to democratize BPM.”
-Juan J. Moreno

“My preferred governance model lies in the middle - I describe it as the "Super Nanny" approach...Super nanny governs by defining a whole domain of freedom - in which people (in her case "toddlers", in ours "business people") are encouraged to create, innovate, and imagine. But, that domain is given a very clear and unambiguous border which is governed with absolute consistency.”
-Gary Barnett

“If we define maturity as the ability of an organization to successfully navigate its business plan with its business model then yes, I believe governance is key to maturity.”
-Bogdan Nofornida

“Governance is key to the growth and maturity for the rational organization. Win or lose, our tactics and strategy follow reason... they will be made in a predicted, repeatable, measured fashion. There will be methodology guiding our approach. That is how business succeeds.”
-Gary Samuelson