BPM Quotes of the Week - April 26, 2016

From bpmNEXT

"Nathaniel Palmer discussed how the nature of work (and processes) is becoming data-driven, goal-oriented, adaptive, and containing intelligent automation. His take on what will drive BPM in the next five years is the three R’s: robots (and other smart things), rules, and relationships (really, the data about the relationships)."
- Sandy Kemsley

"Neil Ward-Dutton talked about...There's need for a platform to manage your knowledge efficiently. And BPM offers a lot of building blocks to achieve this, but maybe it's time to think about rethinking / repackaging some of this to focus on the customer's bigger picture."
- Kris Verlaenen

"A potential positioning is that business models are essential to capturing knowledge and understanding the business even if they are not directly executable, and as organizations’ use of modeling matures and gains visibility with executives, it will be easier to justify without having to show an immediate tangible ROI."
- Sandy Kemsley

"But you can tell that some of the big software vendors (and at least one smaller vendor) just aren’t passionate about the subject of BPM the way that we are. Their BPM businesses aren’t being led by people who are passionate about the subject, and about the value BPM can create. It could be email software or control automation or ERP. This is leaving room for the upstart vendors to innovate."
- Scott Francis

"Process is healthy and will stay that way as long as we can leverage the new kinds of goals driven and emergent processes along with our favorite processes types of the past. We will be living in a hybrid process world for a while leading to dynamic processes auto configuring with swarming resources."
- Jim Sinur

"Customers don't necessarily want to start from process anymore, UI and UX are becoming the first move."
- Kris Verlaenen

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From the BPM Forum

"A knowledge worker is someone who has considerable flexibility about how and in what order goals are accomplished."
- Tim Stephenson

"'knowledge workers' are those whose work involves the manipulation of information (AKA 'knowledge') rather than objects?"
- E. Scott Menter

"In the digital world, because of 'routine work will be highly automated and optimized' only knowledge workers will be working in or for enterprises. Consequently, the managers must become 'knowledge' workers as well. Thus the traditional separation in knowledge vs non-knowledge staff will disappear."
- Dr. Alexander Samarin

"In general, knowledge workers are those who know what to do when others and machines do not. In highly automated process environments, knowledge workers are the ones who know when to press the OFF button."
- Karl Walter Keirstead

"This renewed focus on Customer Interaction Efficiency is going to send a lot of existing (and very efficient) business processes to the dust bin."
- John Reynolds

"Organizations act like they are in control. No longer. The customer is in the drivers’ seat, so organizations have to perform real customer journey mapping not just process mapping."
- Jim Sinur

"BPM is the technology for future customer service enablement. (And OK, add a few other irreduceable technologies of business semantics, including business rules, UX, data stores etc.) Win with BPM!"
- John Morris

"CRM, like security and governance, should be baked into a business process from the ground up. Not all people have done it to-date, even though the business process itself should be customer-centric whether inward or outward facing."
- Patrick Lujan