BPM Quotes of the Week - April 25

“Process-driven companies blame the processes for every business outcome - good or bad.”
Bogdan Nafornita

“My view on culture is that it is an emergent property of all the interactions and behaviours in an organization. I think that if you want to change culture, you have to first change behaviour. Small things, like CEO’s accepting failure on projects, help to create a more open workplace. Changing daily practices, like working out loud, gets people to understand what others are doing.”
Hugh Macloud 

From the BPM Forum

“From sensors on a distant planet to step counters in our pockets to asset discovery systems in the data center: the agents are here; their role is central.”
Kevin Parker

“All of the data generated by IoT devices is only of use if it is connected to business processes. Successful IoT companies won’t simply supply devices, they’ll provide business and customer process solutions.“
Peter Whibley

“If the organization is completely adverse to failure -- if every change has to be proven successful before you start -- then all attempts to change will be severely contained. This ‘culture against change’ will stop all attempts at "dynamic process" before you run into any technical limitations.”
Keith Swenson

“The market may demand ‘dynamic processes’ but customers and regulators demand consistent processes. The benefits of mastering "consistent and repeatable" are probably greater than rushing straight to dynamic ie chaos.”
Ian Gotts

“BPM is about getting the right level of grip on processes. Some think that grip means ‘standardization’ or ‘force’ everyone into a predefined path...‘Right level of grip’ can also mean flexibility and let executors in the process have more control on what should happen.”
Emiel Kelly

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