BPM Quotes of the Week - April 18

“‘Zero code’ is often a short-hand for “empowering ‘real’ users who are unfamiliar with code”. And that is both a worthy and necessary goal. After all, the days when a genius such as Isaac Newton could reach the pinnacle of several fields in one lifetime are long behind us. In the modern world we are all specialists. So if we believe BPM suites are powerful tools for managing our work then we need to strive to make them available to experts in all manner of fields. Let’s not give up on ‘zero code’ whilst acknowledging the limitations of our best efforts to date.”
Tim Stephenson

From the BPM Forum

“‘One day there will be an IT platform that will require no code to deploy and maintain.’ Said no-one ever outside of marketing.”
Theo Priestley

“All companies are process driven, some however just execute them better than others. ”
Peter Whibley

“BPM is about managing work and resources in light of desired business outcomes. Some of those resources will require no code and some will be deep and shared logic that will likely be code (old or new). While a good goal is less code, zero code is not a realistic or an attainable outcome.”
Jim Sinur

"Codeless, paperless, whatever: it's all asymptotic. You don't really expect to reach these ideals, but surely there is value in getting as close to them as possible. BPM has so far delivered the biggest contribution in both of those areas, and can be counted on to continue to do so."
E. Scott Menter

“Now I see how my organization is full of processes. BPM is not only about selling insurances and handling the damage claims. Any trigger that has follow action items is a process.”
Tom Baeyens

“What best can distinguish a enterprise run by processes the others not run by processes, is when these processes are managed in a correct alignment with the business strategy oriented to the satisfaction of the customers. Thus, in a continuous dialectic between the strategic objectives and the results achieved by the processes, should make possible to continuous improvement its market position.”
Jose Camacho

“If a 'zero code' approach is possible, software vendors should be worried about how to implement it and help the customers create a vision of how that path should be possible, and this is the important part, for that purpose it should be lead by engineers and not by marketing personnel.”
Alberto Manuel

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