BPM Quotes of the Week - April 11, 2018

Thomas Siebel"Perhaps the most unique aspect of this technology trend is that digital transformation is being driven from the top, personally mandated by the CEO. This is something new."
-Thomas Siebel


"The truth is for becoming a digital company is difficult, but those who don’t move in that direction, and per se move quickly, will become a prime contestant to be disrupted."
-Naully Nicolas

From the BPM Forum

How Much Detail Is Enough When Modeling Processes? " If your to be model is predicting the future in any sort of credible way, then it must be open to being wrong :-)"
-Max Young

"A rich wealth of actionable information has to go into the process model."
-Kay Winkler

"If we want to understand the logic of business process, too much detail destroys understanding. If we want to develop an it-system almost every detail has to be described (the most detailed description is the code)."
-Kai Laamanen

"So, how much information is enough for your process model? Enough to enable you to maintain your processes at the edge of effectiveness and efficiency for your industry, according to your budget. And that's a moving target."
-John Morris

How Much Detail Is Enough When Modeling Processes? "A goal, roles, rules, content, transactions, ... anything else is an unnecessary restriction that reduces service quality and increases cost."
-Max J. Pucher

"If it is a formal task that you can explicitly define and perform, a Robot could do a good job. On the other hand, if it is a task in which you need creativity (innovative processes?), or empathy (complex business situations?), or using your hands (health care?), etc; a human being is much more better."
-Juan J Moreno

"If a subjective decision is needed to advance a process, then you need people."
-John Reynolds

"There exists a simple and reliable criteria to clearly distinguish relevance of process automation in every practical case. The criteria is process volatility. Volatile processes are difficult and impractical to automate."
-Boris Zinchenko