BPM Quotes of the Week - April 11

“Business is no longer a front and back office – all of your enterprise is the front office. Classic ad-hoc/dynamic processes and classic static processes will co-exist in the same BPM execution environment.”
Alexander Samarin

“If the volume of data is too large, perhaps we should quit collecting so much meaningless data (noise) and focus on collecting valuable data (signal).”
Scott Francis

“One thing we should not be surprised about: it is not always easy to distinguish routine work from knowledge work. Sometimes there is a knowledge aspect of a job that is not obvious.”
Keith Swenson

“At bpmNEXT last week, one presentation after the next kept reinforcing a thought that has been much on my mind lately: that many of BPMN’s supposed limitations – it can’t describe case management, for instance, or goal-directed behavior – are actually limitations of the notation, not of the semantic model. And why is that important? Because it means that a BPMS that can execute BPMN can execute those other behaviors as well. You don’t need a special engine to do it.”
Bruce Silver

From the BPM Forum

“How can an organization make innovation continuous = generate a steady stream of sustaining and disruptive breakthroughs? Since we're process experts, what are the management processes that must be in place for a discipline of innovation?”
Brad Power

“There is no way to replace BPM, since the idea of a chronological process is something older and deeper than any particular BPM technology. There will always be a need to manage and control processes, and whether its called BPM or something else is not the issue.”
Eli Stutz

“The argument is if organizations have enough qualified people to make change happening much more faster and in an innovative way. Then its matter of baking with the right technology, system thinking and design system approach.”
Alberto Manuel

“As a business practice, BPM will never perish, because it's the right thing to do, anytime, anywhere. As a technology, it may morph into different shapes, which would just make it easier to implement and maintain the said business practice.”
Bogdan Nafornita

“Processes not only can, but should infuse innovation.”
Jim Sinur

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