Dr. Mathias Kirchmer

Peter Schooff discusses the ever evolving world of BPM and digitalization with Dr. Mathias Kirchner, one of the founders of BPM-D, and author of the book "High Performance through Process Excellence".

Steven Stanton

Peter Schooff discusses Smart Work with Steven Stanton of FCB Partners. Steven is also a keynote speaker for the 2016 BPM and Case Management Global Summit.

Neil Ward-Dutton

Listen to my podcast with Neil Ward Dutton, director of MWD Advisors and one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming BPMNext.

Jim Sinur

Listen to my podcast with Jim Sinur, a former Gartner VP who will also be one of the keynote speakers at the BPMNext, which is coming up this April in Santa Barbara. Also, he will be coming out with the book, Digital Transformation, Innovate or Die Slowly. In this podcast we discuss what Jim will be speaking about at BPMNext, the coming revolution in digital business.

Jim Sinur

Listen to my podcast with Jim Sinur , an independent thought leader in applying business process management (BPM) to innovative digital organizations. His research and areas of personal experience focus on business process innovation, business modeling, business process management technology (iBPMS), and much more, all which you can read on his blog. Jim is a former Gartner VP and is one of the authors of the book, BPM: The Next Wave. In this podcast we discuss the digital enterprise: what it means, how BPM can help, and exactly how it will impact the future of the organization.