Keith Swenson

Listen to my podcast with Keith Swenson, Vice President of Research and Development at Fujitsu North America and co-author of the book, When Thinking Matters in the Workplace: How Executives and Leaders of Knowledge Work Teams can Innovate with Case Management. In this podcast I discuss the future of business technology with one of the key figures who is helping shape it.

Mathias Kirchmer

Listen to my podcast with Mathias Kirchmer, one of the founders of BPM-D . Dr. Kirchmer is a thought leader in the ever-evolving world of BPM. He was the managing director and global lead of BPM for Accenture for 8 years and before that was the CEO of IDS Scheer for the Americas and Japan

Ivan Seselj

In this podcast with Ivan Seselj of Promapp, we discuss why processes are the key to survival in this age of disruption and why so many companies still suffer from poor business processes.

Neil Ward-Dutton

In this podcast we cover the next wave of automation, how it differs from the automation of the past and what skills will be needed to best leverage it.

Steve Stanton

The BPM Podcast presents Peter Schooff and FCB's Managing Director Steve Stanton discussing how brilliantly led organizations can do so many dumb things - and what to do about it.