WfMC Announces Layna Fischer as 2019 Recipient of Manheim Award for Significant Contributions in the Field of Workflow

Layna FischerAugust 28, 2019, Boston: The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) is pleased to announce that Layna Fischer, USA, is the 2019 recipient of the Marvin L. Manheim Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Workflow. The Marvin L. Manheim award is presented annually by the Workflow Management Coalition to recognize an individual or a group for their influence, contribution, or distinguished use of workflow systems.

Ms Fischer is CEO and Publisher at Future Strategies Inc. She previously also served concurrently as Executive Director of the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and also Director of the Business Process Business Process Modeling Initiative (BPMI).

Through her publishing enterprise, Layna Fischer has significantly influenced the field of workflow and BPM through prodigious publication of workflow and BPM-related books and media, featuring industry thought-leaders and award-winning case studies. This dissemination of knowledge helped provide practitioners and technology providers worldwide with confidence to move forward with their own workflow strategies.

“The Workflow Paradigm” (1994) and “Electronic Commerce” (1995) were the earliest books ever published on these topics.

In 1996, Ms Fischer inaugurated the Giga Excellence Awards for Workflow and Imaging. In 2003 she created the annual awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow and later Adaptive Case Management which evolved to the current WfMC Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation.

Future Strategies, Inc., has since published over 70 titles on Workflow, BPM and subsequent emerging technologies in print and digital editions. This includes the annual Workflow Handbook series, a number of special editions and the annual Excellence in Practice series.

“It is a huge honor to receive this award and thus to realize that I helped to generate new thinking about emerging technologies within workflow and BPM standards,” said Layna Fischer, Future Strategies CEO. “It is exciting to think that together we helped to create and shepherd entirely new techniques, skills, methods, and processes through to worldwide adoption.”

“Layna has played a significant role in educating the industry by publishing leading-edge information and award-winning case studies which in turn promoted process-based standards,” said Keith Swenson, WfMC Chair and Senior VP Fujitsu America.

Jon Pyke, WfMC Chair Emeritus noted, “I view this award as a richly deserved recognition of Layna’s efforts on behalf of the international community, not only WfMC, enriching all information technology users.”

The original vision behind the work of the WfMC was to increase the effectiveness of information systems to support organizations and their business processes. The publications by Future Strategies significantly support this outreach.

About Marvin L. Manheim

Marvin L. Manheim was the William A. Patterson Distinguished Professor of Transportation at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University from 1983 until his death in August 2000.

Prof. Manheim's major area of interest was information technology and its uses strategically, competitively, and organizationally. It included strategy formulation and implementation processes; the management of globally competing organizations; and international transportation and logistics. He was also interested in computer assistance to human problem solving and decision-making, including decision support systems (DSS) and artificial intelligence.

About the Workflow Management Coalition, founded in August 1993, is a non-profit, international organization of workflow vendors, users, analysts and university/research groups. The Coalition's mission is to promote and develop the use of BPM and workflow through the establishment of standards for software terminology, interoperability and connectivity between workflow products. Comprising over 300 members worldwide, the Coalition is the only standards body for this specific business process software market. The creation of the WfMC Standards Reference Model has proved its importance in other areas of technology, most notably the ISO Seven Layer reference model for computer communications.

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