Technology that Listens and Responds to Business Moments

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Enterprise Architects faced with the challenge of increasing disruption within Digital Business should consider an iBPMS as the ideal technology to identify and handle Business Moments.

This year Gartner has introduced the concept of the ‘Business Moment’ – disruptive, sometimes unpredictable changes that occur during windows of time within a business ecosystem. Examples could include bad weather that interrupts a business trip, an opportune real estate deal, or a drastic change in a stock or currency. (See ‘Architect Your Business to Sense, Respond and Create Business Moments’ by Betsy Burton, Gartner – 17 April, 2015).

Business Moments, according to Gartner, can have either damaging or positive effects on the business, and Enterprise Architects, especially, must learn to identify them, and develop strategies for handling them in the optimal manner. In particular, EAs must realize that Business Moments affect all types of players within their ecosystem, and not just humans – smart machines and IoT devices as equal stakeholders.

One of the biggest challenges for an EA posed by the Business Moment is to quickly identify when one occurs. Once identified, the next challenge is to handle the moment in an optimal manner. Both of these steps (identifying and responding) require the help of technology – humans alone just aren’t quick enough to do either, although they should be brought in to make difficult decisions, after the technology surfaces the event and its relevant data to them.

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